Abstract letter

In the abstract letter the central findings of a scientific paper are briefly summarized, usually it should be about 200 words. Here’s what it’s about, what it’s about, what it’s about, how it’s built, what questions it answers – and you can populate a sample of an abstract with your own content.

What is an abstract for?

The Astract (also the abstract is according to Duden possible) is made after the completion of the Master’s thesis or doctoral thesis, etc. and offers interested parties the opportunity to get brief information about the research project, to be able to decide quickly whether it is worthwhile itself to deal with the complete work more closely.

What does the abstract have to include?

The abstract contains the topic, the research question, the structure, the method and the central results of the research project or scientific work. All elements of the abstract can be found basically in the finished master thesis or doctoral thesis, etc., they only have to be summarized in a shorter way. Mostly the abstract is written in German and English.

What an abstract is not

The subject of the abstract is not individual theoretical knowledge, which can already be found in other works. In addition, no statements about personal intentions and interpretations, it refers above all to the objective results and how they came about.

Which questions does an abstract answer?

For the own abstract it helps to answer the following questions (without explicitly mentioning the questions):

  • What kind of scientific work is it? (Master thesis, doctoral thesis, etc.)
  • What is the topic of the work?
  • What are the research questions?
  • What parts does the work consist of (theoretical and empirical)?
  • How is the work structured?
  • What are the main research results?

If you answer these questions succinctly, you may have already written a completed abstract. Otherwise the following pattern will help you.

Abstract letter: sample construction

The following pattern can easily be adapted based on your own work:

“Master thesis topic is XY. The work is based on a theoretical and an empirical part. The research questions are: “Which X are required to ensure Y?” In the theoretical part, sources for X and Y were analyzed, first the relevant terms were defined, in Chapter 3 A was represented, in Chapter 4 B. (etc.) , The results of the theoretical analysis are the basis for the empirical investigation. This is based on guide-centered expert interviews, which were evaluated with the qualitative content analysis. 10 experts were interviewed. The results show that X is required to ensure Y. “

By means of an electronic translator (eg Google translator), a basic version can be made in English, but this must be revised, preferably by a native speaker.

It is also helpful for a coherent structure of the abstract to use the pattern of a complete diploma thesis at the beginning of the work.