Ghostwriter Master Thesis

The term ghostwriter master thesis is much more versatile than the first appearance suggests. The type of support required for a Master’s thesis, in addition to writing the complete template, covers all of these aids:

Choice of subject

Due to my more than 20 years of experience, it is comparatively easy for me to find a suitable, exciting topic for you. If you take any further assistance in any way, I’ll do it for free!

Scientific coaching

As a trained trainer and coach, I also like to help with self-help and are available to advise you throughout the entire process until your master’s thesis is finished. Either in person, by phone or by e-mail or Skype – it depends entirely on your personal situation and needs.

literature search

The possibilities for literature searches or literature research are more diverse than ever. In addition to the classic print sources, there are more and more worldwide online databases that provide access to current and high-quality scientific sources for your master’s thesis. Your ghostwriter likes to help with her master thesis!

Creation concept or exposé or disposition

A good Exposé (or scientific concept or disposition, “Dispo”), is an essential key to a successful Master’s thesis. If it succeeds here, a clear structure, the famous “red thread” to prepare, the further processing can be worked off often over small work packages. Together, we plan how best to work together.

Theoretical part or part of the literature

Here, too, versatile help is often required in a master’s thesis, and the following challenges must be overcome:

  • How do I formulate correctly?
  • How do I quote correctly? In addition I give helpful tips in my blog
  • How do I build the text, can I create introductions and transitions?
  • How do I write a discussion?
  • How do I write a conclusion and an outlook?
  • I am happy to offer you help with all these questions.

Planning, implementation and evaluation of the empiricism

Should the empiricism for the Master’s thesis be qualitative or qualitative? In the case of qualitative research, this is usually to be distinguished under the following methods: expert interviews with qualitative content analysis, singular case study, comparative case analysis, explorative interview or participant observation.

For quantitative examinations, depending on the subject area, it is possible to use existing standardized questionnaires and to evaluate them statistically. These can either be adopted directly or adapted to the specific case. Somewhat more complex is the development of a questionnaire tailored to the individual research question.


More and more, the editing of a master thesis, in principle, is desired. Depending on the individual talents, there are various challenges that we can tackle together:

  • Create a common thread
  • Use a scientific language
  • Improve the expression and style or unify
  • Eliminate spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors
  • Eliminate citation errors
  • Supplement additional sources

As a former lecturer at two universities of applied sciences and with more than 20 years of experience, we are able to complete a master thesis that is ready for submission.

Layout and formatting, creation of directories

The Word program is now highly complex and the specifications of the institutes are often confusing and also contradictory (redundant). Uh-oh! In addition, often sloppy preprogrammed styles come. Here, too, I would like to help, after thousands of pages I prepare the Master’s thesis for you on a point and a comma.

Plagiarism check

Here I work with the platform, which is also used by most institutes. In addition, if the work is written, it can not be plagiarized! Sometimes it happens that a single formulation is unconsciously taken too directly from the source, which is then simply reformulated accordingly – and fits!

Examination of the sources

Due to my more than 20 years of experience (in the 1990s with a typewriter and 100% paper sources), I have also experienced the entire process of digitization and continued to develop myself in the use of digital sources. Basically, the sources of each Master’s thesis can be checked 90 to 100%, if you know all the techniques and tricks. I like to help!

Since the cooperation is discrete and personal, I would like to introduce myself in the following video.